The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Casino Apps


You can do pretty much anything from an app these days -- from video chatting, to ordering take-out, to getting a ride home, and beyond. That's why it's no surprise that mobile apps are on the rise among online gamblers. Casinos are headed into the future by making themselves portable through and this isn't new either - though it is becoming more advanced and streamlined (some casinos even have mobile VR headsets).

Take your online gambling experience with you! With just a quick download, you can have instant access to slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and more -- right at your fingertips.


Getting Started

Begin by downloading the relevant casino app, like the one offered by SlotsPlus, from the App Store or Google Play. Some apps will let you get started playing without any money up front while others will match your deposits (up to a certain amount) to get you to fund your account. Some apps have rules about what counts towards wagering and at what price point you can cash out -- the vary quite a bit so read the fine print when it comes to bonuses.

Most of these mobile apps have one thing in common, though - a player account. Just like with their card based counterparts at physical casinos, these player accounts allow you to rack up rewards for being a regular gambler and setting up an account is the best way to ensure you're getting all of the perks.



The most obvious advantage to downloading an app is the convenience factor. You can access your casino from anywhere! Very few people have time to sit down in front of their computer to play online poker or blackjack. With a mobile app, even a few short minutes while waiting at the bus stop is enough time to play a hand and win some cash. On a long commute or lunch break? You could be at the casino instead with just a few taps of a screen!

Another pro is that the software is constantly being tweaked so you know your privacy remains safe and secure with every new update - no matter what the hackers come up with!

Unlike with a physical casino, when using a your smartphone or tablet you'll never have to worry about missing out on a promotion if you're out of town because your casino exists wherever you have a connection to the Internet.



The biggest drawback to using a mobile app is the data usage. If you don't have an unlimited data plan, your app may end up costing you way more than you're winning. While that's bad news for some online gamblers, the widespread presence of Wi-Fi means you're never too far from access to a casino game. That and with efficient gaming software the usage is becoming negligible anyway.

Mobile casino apps, like the ones offered by SlotsPlus, are a great way to have access to all your favorite games in your pocket. If you're a gambling game, you'll have hours of entertainment at your fingertips, whether you play for free or you're a high roller.